Your bins

Rubbish and recycling service

For individual houses, we provide the following:

  • Green bin for rubbish
  • Blue bin for recycling
  • Brown bin for garden and food waste (with an indoor caddy to store your food waste)

The rubbish bins are collected one week, with the recycling and garden and food waste bins collected the following week and so on.

Your first set of bins are provided free of charge. You can order additional blue recycling and brown food and garden waste bins at a cost of £30 each (subject to a maximum of 2 of each bins).

Order an additional blue or brown bin

Find out more about rubbish and recycling for residents living in flats

Collections are made by our in-house collection team Tuesday to Friday, any time between 7:00am and 5:00pm. Always make sure your bins are out in the right place by 7:00am and remember to take the bins back in as soon as you can after collection.

We work as normal on Good Friday.   

You will notice that on the bin collection calendars the last two weeks of the year are normally left blank. This is because the collection dates are arranged closer to the time. If your bin day does change, we will normally notify this to you via a bin tag or other method. 

Should you need more information, please contact rubbish and recycling