Rubbish and recycling for flats


If you live in a flat the size of the bins and the amount of bins we provide depends on the number of flats in the building they will be used by plus the space made available to store bins. Some flats, mainly in town centres do not have any space to store bins therefore we would provide Cherwell sacks not bins.  If your flat comes under this category a six months’ supply of sacks will be delivered. 

Important information

We do not collect anything left outside of bins, except large flattened cardboard boxes with the recycling bins.

We are unable to empty recycling bins if they contain items that we cannot recycle.

We do not collect bins or sacks that are not Cherwell District Council.

Recycling centres

If you have household items that are too big to put in the bins, please make arrangements to take them to one of the Household Waste and Recycling Centre’s in the district.

Find a recycling centre

Also, if the items are in good condition, various charities and community groups may take them.

Bulky household waste collection

We offer a chargeable service to collect furniture and other household items when booked and paid for.

More about bulky waste collection

Keeping your bins tidy

It is the responsibility of everyone living in your flats to keep the area around the bins clean and tidy. Your Landlord, Managing Agent or Housing Association are responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of internal and external communal areas. However, you should contact us if you have any problems with your bins.

New build flats

If you have moved into a newly built flat, please ask your Landlord, Managing Agent or Housing Association to contact us to arrange delivery of bins.  We are unable to deal with the individuals requests as we require specific information before we can proceed with the delivery.  In addition to this, it is normal practice for someone from the waste collection department to visit to assess.