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Missed bin

From 1 August 2017 bin collection days will be changing for around half of the districts households.

pdf New collection dates 1 August 2017 (298kb) Collection days will remain as usual until 1 August 2017.

Before you report a missed collection please check that:

  • your bin has been left out for collection on the right day - see Bin collection calendar
  • your bin was put out for collection by 7.00am (Please note that our crews collect between 7.00am and 5.00pm)
  • it was placed at the kerbside and could be clearly seen
  • and it contained the correct items (blue and brown bins will be stickered if the wrong things are put in them and a green bin will be stickered if it is too heavy)

Residents should report their missed bins as soon as possible . We will attempt to collect the missed waste within the next 4 working days (Tuesday - Friday)

Report a missed bin online 

Please make sure your missed bin is available for collection at all times.

If you forgot to put your bin out on the correct day you can take your refuse to

Ardley or Alkerton Household Waste and Recycling Centre Oxfordshire County Council - Waste and Recycling centres or wait for your next collection day.

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