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Waste Wizard - recycle, repair, reuse, dispose

Use the Waste Wizard search to find out:

  • Ways you can repair, reuse or recycle household items
  • Whether your item can be collected by us and which bin to put it in
  • Types of waste we accept at a household waste recycling centre

Please note: you need to type in your postcode with a space, for example, OX15 4AA. You only need to do this the first time you use the wizard.

Your postcode is saved as a cookie on your computer, making it quicker next time. We use your postcode to give you local information.

Glass bottles and jars recycling

We do not collect glass jars and bottles with the kerbside bin collection.

Please take them to a recycling centre or local bring bank. Please note:

  • There may be separate bins for different colours of glass 
  • Blue bottles need to go in with green bottles
  • You do not need to remove bottle caps and jar lids

Take care when recycling glass and do not put your hands into the container as it may contain broken glass.

Recycling points in Cherwell

There are numerous recycling points in the Cherwell area where you can recycle glass bottles and jars.  These sites usually accept textiles, paper and scrap metal at the same time. Most major supermarkets in Cherwell have sites, as do most villages.

Find your nearest recycling point

Top ten recycling points in the area


  • Tesco, Lockheed Close, Southam Road, OX16 1LX
  • Hanwell Fields, Rotary Way, Shop Car Park, OX16 1ER
  • Hardwick Community Centre, Ferriston, OX16 1XA
  • Spiceball Country Park, Water Works Road end, Banbury OX16 3JJ
  • Morrisons, Swan Close Road, OX16 5DH


  • Tesco, Lakeview Drive, OX26 1DE
  • Homebase, Launton Road, OX26 4JQ
  • Chapel Street Car Park, OX26 6BD


  • Water Eaton Park and Ride, Kidlington, Oxfordshire, OX5 3EB
  • Exeter Hall, Oxford Road, OX5 1AB

Batteries and small electrical items


We will recycle your batteries.  Pop them in a small clear bag and put on top of, not inside, any colour bin.

Small electricals or battery powered items

We can dispose of items such as kettles, toasters and toys provided they can fit into a standard size carrier bag.  These items may be donated and reused again or recycled.

Place the carrier bag on top of, not inside, any of your bins.

Textiles recycling

Unfortunately, we do not accept textiles, such as clothes and towels, in the blue recycling bin.

However, there are numerous recycling banks across the Cherwell area where you can recycle various textiles and shoes.

Find your nearest recycling point

Please note that textiles banks are not run by the council. If you have any queries or there are any issues with the bank – please ring the phone number on the bank.