Development management privacy notice

What is development management?

Cherwell District Council is the Local Planning Authority with statutory duty to determine Planning Applications within its District. Development Management is responsible for determining those planning applications. 

Our responsibilities include:

  • Making decisions and providing advice on planning applications
  • Making planning policies
  • Working with neighbourhoods on their plans
  • Working with neighbouring authorities on strategic policies
  • Responding to allegations of unlawful development
  • Monitoring development
  • Entering legal agreements, serving notices and promoting the best use of land

Contact details specific to service

If you have any queries relating to Development Management contact us by email or call 01295 227006.

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How we use your information collected

We use your information to assist us in making informed decisions on Planning matters.

Who will have access to my personal data?

We are statutorily required to make details of planning applications available online so that people can contribute their comments. We will on occasion need to share the information we have with other parts of the council-for example to establish how long a building has been used as a dwelling or with other external 'partner' organisations (for example Local Town & Parish Councils, Oxfordshire County Council, Natural England and the Environment Agency), and the Planning Inspectorate (Secretary of State). We do not sell your information to other organisations or move your information beyond the UK. All comments on planning applications form part of the public record.

What information is processed?

The information processed may include names, addresses, signatures as well as any other information submitted in support of a planning application, no automated decision making process is in place. However, we operate a policy where we routinely redact the following details before make documents available online:

  • Personal contact details - e.g. phone numbers, email addresses signatures
  • Special Category Data - e.g. supporting statements that include information about health conditions or ethnic origin
  • Information agreed to be confidential

On occasions we might decide it is necessary, justified and lawful to disclose data that appears in the list above. If this circumstance arises we will let you know of our intention in advance of disclosure.

Retention period

Your information will be permanently retained by us as part of the planning register, in accordance with planning legislation.

Summary of rights

You have a number of statutory rights that are explained in the “Summary of the data subject’s rights” section of our website.

 Alternatively you can request this information by email.

Or by post:

The Information Governance Team.
Cherwell District Council,
Bodicote House,
OX15 4AA