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Local Validation List - Consultation

Cherwell District Council are seeking your views on the Local Validation List:

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Respond via email (please title your email “Local Validation Checklist Consultation 2024”)

What is the local validation list?

A planning application must include certain information in order for it to be considered valid. 

Some validation requirements are stipulated in planning legislation and the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF), and these are known as the national validation requirements. These are detailed within the National Planning Practice Guidance (NPPG). 

The local validation list sets out the information that Cherwell District Council will require to be able to register, assess and determine planning applications. The amount of information required will vary depending on the type, scale and location of the proposed development including any site specific constraints. Not all the local validation requirements will apply to every planning application. The Council will only ask for what is required to determine the planning application.

The proposed checklist does not replicate national requirements meaning that local review, amendment and re-consultation will not automatically be necessary if changes are made at national level. For ease and convenience of use, the checklist page will include a link to the national validation requirements which are set out in the National Planning Practice Guidance.

Once finalised, the local validation checklist will be adopted by the council and published on the council’s website. Planning applications received after the publication of the local validation checklist will be expected to meet the requirements of the list.

The consultation:

The consultation period is from 15 January to 11 March 2024

We would be pleased to receive any comments that you may have on the proposed changes to the list.  

We will take account of the representations received and make any necessary changes to the document.  

The decision to publish the list will be made by the Planning Committee.

Why are we consulting?

NPPG requires that local validation requirements lists are consulted upon prior to their implementation and should be reviewed every two years to ensure that it is reasonable and up-to-date.  

We are carrying out this consultation because Cherwell District Council currently does not have an up-to-date Local Validation Checklist. 

How to respond:

Consultation responses should be submitted in writing.

By email: (please title your email “Local Validation Checklist Consultation 2024”).

By post:

Alternatively, you can write to the Council at:

Bodicote House
White Post Road
OX15 4AA

Please note, all submissions must be received no later than 11:59pm on Monday 11 March 2024. Any submission received after this date may not be accepted, and consequently not considered.

Representations cannot be kept confidential and will be available for public scrutiny, including your name and/or organisation (if applicable). However, your contact details will not be published.