Economic evidence

ECO01 Cherwell Economic Analysis Study (Aug 2012)

This study provides a framework to inform our Local Plan and to assist the implementation of the Cherwell Local Strategic Partnership Economic Development Strategy.

ECO02 Cherwell Retail Study Update (Nov 2010)

The key aim of this study was driven by the need to prepare an up-to-date assessment of future retail need within Cherwell and the findings of this assessment assisted in the preparation of the Council's retail and town centre policies within the emerging LDF.

ECO03 Cherwell Retail Study (Oct 2012)

This study will inform the overall strategy for retail and town centre development in its Local Plan, as well as helping to inform its emerging documents and strategies; and help inform its response to current and anticipated future planning applications for retail development.

ECO04 Cherwell Tourism Development Study (Aug 2008)

This study informs the future development of tourism in the district.

ECO05 Employment Land Review (July 2006)

This study is to assess the quantity, quality and viability of employment land throughout the District.

ECO06 Employment Land Review Update (Feb 2012)

This is an update to the 2006 Employment Land Review which assesses the quantity, quality and viability of the District's employment land supply and forecasts the future demand for employment land over the next planning period.

ECO07 PPS 6 Town Centres Study (Dec 2006)

This is an assessment of future retail capacity within Cherwell together with an overview of other PPS6 town centre uses.

ECO08 Area Renewal and Bretch Hill Regeneration Area Background Paper (Jan 2014)

The purpose of this paper is to outline the background and justification to the designation of the Bretch Hill Regeneration Area (BHRA) under Policy BSC5: Area Renewal and Policy Banbury 10 of the submission Cherwell Local Plan 2006 - 2031.

ECO09 Oxfordshire Strategic Economic Plan (March 2014)

This Strategic Economic Plan has been developed by, and is jointly supported by, our business community, academic institutions and county and district councils. The Strategic Economic Plan sets out the Oxfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership's ambition for Oxfordshire to 2030 - to drive accelerated economic growth to meet the needs of our science and knowledge rich economy placing Oxfordshire at the forefront of the UK's global growth ambitions.

ECO10 The Oxfordshire Innovation Engine (Oct 2013)

The University of Oxford and Science Oxford wish to ensure that Oxfordshire builds on its position as a leading high technology cluster and that the Oxford brand is more consistently associated with science and innovation. They therefore commissioned SQW to analyse the characteristics of high tech Oxfordshire today, its future growth potential and the challenges involved in realising that potential.

ECO11 South East Midlands Strategic Economic Plan (March 2014)

The aim of the Strategic Economic Plan is to deliver the necessary infrastructure to enable the new homes to be built; to provide support to new and existing businesses to enable them to grow; to encourage inward investment; and to ensure that young people improve their skill levels to offer what businesses in the area are seeking.

ECO12PM - Cherwell Economic Analysis Study Addendum (Aug 2014)

The addendum needs to take into account the new housing numbers for Cherwell set out in the Oxfordshire Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA) 2014 and the Committed Economic Growth Scenario they relate to.

ECO13PM - Updated Employment Land Forecasts (May 2014)

This study refresh elements of the 2012 Cherwell Employment Land Review. The study includes tables that reflect an update to the employment land forecasting to meet the new Local Plan timeframe of 2031.