Severe Weather Emergency Provision (SWEP)

Severe Weather Emergency Protocol (SWEP)

If the temperature is forecast to drop to zero degrees (or below) for three consecutive night or there are other extreme weather conditions such as high wind, heavy rain and heatwaves, we implement our Severe Weather Emergency Protocol, which will be implemented on the first night of the forecast or day as appropriate. This is designed to take all possible steps to avoid deaths on the streets due to people sleeping rough during severe weather conditions.  This may include providing accommodation for those not usually owed emergency duties, or providing places of shelter or advice on staying safe.

If you have nowhere to sleep tonight or are concerned about someone who is homeless or sleeping rough, contact our Housing Options Team on 01295 753751 (Monday to Friday 9:00am - 5:15pm) or 01295 221531 out of hours, or email us at

Public agencies now have a Duty to Refer to us people they believe to be homeless or at risk of homelessness, where they have consent to do so.