Temporary accommodation

We provide temporary accommodation to relive a crisis situation for people who are actually homeless.

Accommodation can often only be sorted out on the day. We will try to offer you the most suitable accommodation available within the district. Bed and breakfast style accommodation is sometimes used and this can be outside the local area.

This is accommodation is only for a short period and is not the same as a permanent home. If you’re in emergency accommodation, you will be moved to something more suitable as soon as possible. If you refuse or lose temporary accommodation it is unlikely you will be offered anything else.

If you’re not eligible for this, you may be able to get emergency accommodation from Oxford Homeless Pathway.

Your permanent home could be a privately rented tenancy, social housing or supported accommodation. The waiting time will depend on the needs of the household and what becomes available.

You will receive only one suitable offer. If you refuse this, our duty to provide you accommodation will end and you will be disqualified from the Housing Register for 6 months.