Neighbour nuisance guidance

We frequently receive complaints about neighbour nuisance eg noise from loud music, barking dogs, and crowing cockerels; smoke from bonfires, and light nuisance from misdirected security lights.

We do encourage complainants to discuss any nuisance problems with their neighbours as they are going to have to continue living close to the source of their complaint whatever the outcome of our involvement. There is no legal requirement for complainants to do this, but in many cases the problem might be resolved quicker or more amicably by making an informal approach to the source themselves rather than jeopardising relationships through a formal intervention from us.

However, some people find discussing a complaint with their neighbour daunting for many reasons. This may not necessarily be a reflection upon their character.

We receive complaints because of the following:

  • neighbours are behaving unreasonably;
  • neighbours are behaving normally (eg sound insulation in your home may not be good enough to cut out the sounds of everyday living);
  • sensitivity of people to different types of disturbances (eg sounds that are enjoyable to some people may annoy others, and some are more sensitive to actions by their neighbours then others).