Discuss neighbour problems

We do encourage complainants to discuss any nuisance problems with their neighbours as they are going to have to continue living close to the source of their complaint whatever the outcome of our involvement.

We have provided some advice on how to discuss such matters helpfully:

  • Find out what the law says
  • Tell your neighbour about the problem
  • Think about your neighbour's position
  • Guidelines for discussing the problem with your neighbour

However, some people find discussing a complaint with their neighbour daunting for many reasons. This may not necessarily be a reflection upon their neighbours character.

  • Why is the council investigating only one person's complaint?
  • What does the council consider when investigating a complaint?
  • What powers does the council have to stop nuisances?

Mediation can often help resolve some neighbour disputes. It is a step by step process in which an impartial mediator helps people in dispute settle their differences quickly and confidentially. It does not seek to prove right or wrong but helps those involved to identify what they want to change. Mediation can be a very effective way of resolving neighbour disputes and we therefore recommend neighbours to seek the assistance of a mediation service.