Reporting fly-tipping

Dumped rubbish left on the highway or private land can be a danger to the public and need to be removed quickly.

Fly-tipped items may include furniture, fridges, freezers, cookers, builders rubble, carpeting, shopping trolleys and any other items of refuse. They may also include chemicals or other polluting materials which are potentially harmful to our environment and waterways.

Report a fly-tip

If you see someone fly-tipping

We enforce the law on fly tipping on public land but to enable us to do this we need proof showing that the dumped items belong to the person that has put them there.

If you have witnessed a fly-tip please report it to us as soon as is possible so that any evidence that might still be in place can be obtained.

When reporting an incident of fly tipping it is very helpful if you could:

  • record the time, date and place you observed the incident
  • record descriptions of any individuals and vehicles involved including number plates, vehicle colour and type etc.
  • record a description of the waste and hazard
  • keep the notes you have made in case you need them for future reference

When doing this:

  • do not touch the waste, as there may be hidden dangers
  • try and stay upwind of the waste in case of fumes
  • do not approach the fly tippers. What they are doing is illegal and their behaviour may be unpredictable.

Investigations are carried out to obtain any evidence that may help in identifying the offender. Arrangements are then made to clear the waste from public or council land.

If the tip is on private land, then the land owner will be responsible for having the waste removed.