Trees in conservation areas

Conservation area legislation includes legal protection of all trees with a trunk/stem diameter greater than 75mm, when measured at 1.5m above ground level.

You are legally required to provide six weeks 'Notice of Intent' (also known as a section 211 notice) to the Local Planning Authority. See the Trees in Conservation Area Guidance prior to making an application.

Apply for tree works

How do I find out if I am in a conservation area?

A conservation area is defined as an area of special architectural or historical interest, whose character or appearance it is desirable to preserve or enhance. Trees can complement and enhance a conservation area and so they are provided a level of legal protection.

See whether your property is within a conservation area using our interactive conservation web map.

Conservation area map

What if a tree also has a Tree Preservation Order (TPO)?

If a tree located in a conservation area is already subject to a TPO, the TPO takes precedence and you must submit an application form to obtain permission to undertake any works.

See whether a tree is subject to a TPO using our interactive Conservation web map.