Empty homes

Houses and flats are sometimes empty for unavoidable reasons, for example between tenancies or owners, but some properties remain empty for long periods without good reason.

A long term empty home is one that has been vacant for 6 months or more. We want to see all empty homes brought back in use because:

  • Empty homes can be unsightly and attract antisocial behaviour.
  • Empty homes cost money.
  • Empty homes are a wasted opportunity when there is so much need for housing in our area.

Our approach to empty homes is explained by the following four Principles:

  • We want empty homes to be used
  • We will encourage and facilitate their re-use (eg by providing advice, grants and loans)
  • We will take action to resolve specific issues caused by empty homes (where powers permit)
  • We will take action to secure re-use of empty homes where a business case exists.

You can report empty homes online:

Report an empty home