Advice visits for landlords

We offer advisory visits to help landlords and agents who are planning, converting, or renovating their rental properties and HMOs. We can advise on safety and fire precautions, amenity standards, legal requirements, explore options and offer best practice advice and guidance. Afterwards we will give you a written summary of our recommendations. We also offer desktop reviews of plans etc. for a reduced fee.

Our advice services are ideal for:

  • New landlords who want confidence and peace of mind that you are setting up your rental the right way.
  • Landlords who are new to the district and want to make sure they comply with our HMO standards.
  • Experienced landlords and agents who want specific advice on upgrading an existing rental property or wish to explore development options.
  • Anyone who wants help to get it right first time and avoid the need for licence conditions, retrospective works, or notices.

There is a fee for this service.

Email or call 01295 227004 to discuss your plans and/or to arrange a site visit. .