Senior Management Team

Senior Management Team (SMT)

SMT - March 2024

Chief Executive

Name and post title Email
Gordon Stewart
Chief Executive and Head of Paid Service
Claire Cox
Assistant Director 
Human Resources and Organisational Development
Nicola Riley
Assistant Director - Housing and Wellbeing
Shona Ware
Assistant Director - Customer Focus


Name and post title Email
Stephen Hinds
Corporate Director - Resources
Michael Furness
Assistant Director - Finance and Section 151
Shiraz Sheikh
Assistant Director - Law, Governance and Monitoring Officer
Mona Walsh
Assistant Director Property
David Spilsbury
Head of Digital and Innovation


Name and post title Email
Ian Boll
Corporate Director – Communities
David Peckford
Assistant Director - Planning and Development
Robert Jolley
Assistant Director - Growth and Economy
Ed Potter
Assistant Director - Environmental Services
Tim Hughes
Head of Regulatory Services and Community Safety

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