Our strategic transport function works to improve transport and support growth. We don’t have any statutory transport functions, these are held by Oxfordshire County Council.

Good local transport helps people to get where they want quickly and easily. We work with partners to provide modern, efficient and sustainable transport solutions.

Road network

Strategic transport ensures the road network is fit for purpose and national infrastructure projects reflect local requirements. We prepare strategies and proposals to support the wider objectives set out in our Business Plan.

In the event of snow and/or ice please see our Salting (Gritting) policy.

Rail projects

East West Rail is a major project to establish a strategic railway connecting East Anglia with central, southern and western England. We’re a member of the East West Rail Consortium body.

Find out more about the East West Rail project.

Walking and cycling

Walking and cycling ensure active and healthy lifestyles and reduce congestion. We will continue to support walking and cycling, which benefit the health and wellbeing of communities.