Privacy and cookies


EU cookie rules are designed to protect privacy, even where the information collected is not directly able to identify individuals. We store the following:

  • Your domain name (if available) and IP address
  • Date and time
  • Pages viewed
  • Browser type
  • Operating system

This enables us to analyse usage and improve services. It doesn’t include personally identifiable information.

Controlling cookies

Please note that restricting cookies may impact how a website functions.

Cookies used

  • Site Improve / Google Analytics
    Provide us with usage statistics.
  • LocalView Fusions mapping
    This remembers the last map location selected, so on the next visit this is pre-selected. Blocking means on your next visit you’ll need to select a location again.
  • Public Access (planning system)
    A third party cookie, deleted on closing your browser. Blocking does not appear to affect the system.
  • Online forms
    Third-party cookie provided by our eForms, which is deleted on closing your browser. Blocking will prevent online forms from working.
  • Capita payments
    A session cookie essential for online payments, which is deleted on closing your browser. It contains no data that could be used by other websites or, after payment completion, by this website. Blocking prevents you making online payments.

  • (meeting minutes and agendas)
    Deleted on closing your browser. Blocking prevents login areas of the site from working.