Opportunities for young people

We provide new opportunities for young people to develop and prosper. By working closely with other youth agencies, organisations and voluntary sector groups, we ensure that the needs of young people are met. We provide on-going opportunities and support for young people aged 8-19 years old and the groups working with them.

Our support includes:

  • Advice on setting up youth clubs and running youth sessions
  • Advice on grant support to organisations working with young people
  • Officer support for youth-led projects
  • Holiday hubs opportunities
  • Delivery of free alternative sports opportunities using the Youth Activators Initiative
  • Delivery of district-wide events to showcase opportunities for young people
  • Opportunity to host district-wide forums to bring youth groups and organisations together
  • Support to youth councils and youth action groups to make sure young people have a voice in their district.
  • Access to volunteering opportunities
  • Arts and wellbeing

More information and support can be found at: