Bicester Garden Town

Bicester has transformed itself from a quiet market town, tucked away in rural Oxfordshire, into a flourishing Garden Town.

First awarded Garden Town status in December 2014, Bicester has been acknowledged as a key area for growth in the UK, receiving central government funding to provide a range of desirable and innovative new homes, located in well planned, healthy communities, with plenty of access to green spaces.

The project enables people to choose how and where they work. Businesses are being attracted to the area providing good local jobs, easily accessed by sustainable transport links. Excellent road and rail routes connect the town to London, Birmingham and Oxford, while coworking sites have been established to enable people to choose an alternative to the lengthy daily commute.

Garden Town status brings Government funding to carry out studies to enable the town’s managed growth. These studies support bids to fund the delivery of infrastructure and improvements, allowing for the expansion of Bicester and creating a balanced, progressive town. 

Project and partners

The Garden Town project is led by Cherwell District Council with the help from several key partners including: