Pay your Council Tax by Direct Debit

Direct debit

Direct Debit is the easiest way to pay. Payments are made automatically by your bank or building society and you're fully protected by the Direct Debit Guarantee.

For more information consult the Direct Debit website directly.

Direct Debits can be set up online through My Account where you can also check your account balance and payment history, view and download current and historical bills, or notify us of a change in address.

My Account also enables you to request and track a range of council services, to edit and complete saved forms and view your local services and facilities.

Click here to find out more about My Account.

Setting up your direct debit

You can choose to make your payment on the first, ninth,eighteenth or twenty-fifth of each month. 

If your account is up to date you can spread your payment over 12 months instead of 10 months if you wish.

We will always give at least 14 days notice if your instalment amounts are to change.

You will need to provide:

  • Bank account holder's name(s)
  • Bank Account number (the 8 digit number found on your bank card or statement).
  • Sort code (the 6 digit number found on your bank card or statement).

and you will need to confirm:

  • you are the account holder and payer, therefore the only person required to authorise debits from the account
  • you are named on the council tax account – if you want someone to pay on your behalf please ask them to complete our Council Tax third party payer Direct Debit form

Useful information:

  • Your council tax account cannot be in arrears before we can setup a direct debit.
  • We must give you 14 days notification of your first instalment. If we do not have time to setup the direct debit and give this notice the direct debit will not start until the next month and your first instalment will include two instalments to catch you up.i.e. if you want to pay on the first and today is the twenty-fourth the direct debit cannot be started on the first of the next month because it is less than 14 days away. The first direct debit instalment would include two month’s instalments on the first of the following month. N.B. You can choose to manually pay what was due on the first on the old plan and that will reduce the first direct debit payment.

Calculate days until your chosen instalment date

Register with My Account if you would also like to manage and view your Council Tax online

Please note: You will be unable to sign in or register from Thursday, 29 February as the Revenues and Benefits portal accessed via My Account is currently undergoing essential maintenance. We expect access to resume by Friday, 8 March. We apologise for any inconvenience.

If you do not want to manage and view your Council Tax online 

Set up a direct debit online

If you need help, please email or telephone 01295 227000.

Third party payment and direct debit amendments

Use our Council Tax third party payer Direct Debit if a third party is paying your Council Tax.

You can also amend your Direct Debit online.