About your Council Tax 2024-2025

Cherwell Council Tax 


Message from Cllr Barry Wood, Leader

Dear resident,

I’m writing to you with an update on our work, how we spend your council tax and why we need to raise our portion in 2024-2025.

The big picture

We keep less than 7 per cent of the council tax money we collect, and like all district councils, we have a legal duty to balance our budget.

Councils everywhere are contending with substantial pressures caused by inflation. These are driving up our costs, particularly in energy, fuel, and materials. The cost-of-living crisis has also increased demand for
our services and support, such as the help we provide our vulnerable residents.

As one of the ways of protecting our frontline services, we are increasing our element of the council tax by £5 per year for the average Band D property in 2024-2025, which is the maximum amount the government will allow.

Looking forward

Ensuring north Oxfordshire remains a brilliant place to live and work is a crucial goal. We are sticking by our commitment to make Cherwell somewhere where it’s easy to lead a healthy lifestyle, too.

The increase to our portion of the council tax works out at less than 10p per week. It is part of our overall plans to keep the essential services we deliver for you on a sustainable footing in the future. The following information shows how we ensure you get exceptional value for your council tax.

with kind regards, Cllr Barry Wood, Leader - Cherwell District Council.

Where your money goes

Although you pay your council tax to us, most of it is distributed to Oxfordshire County Council, Thames Valley Police, and your town or parish council.

We use the remaining 6.53 per cent to provide essential services for you and our 150,000 residents. This includes emptying your bins, cleaning the streets, and running your environmental health and planning services.
We also run the housing register, support people who rent their homes, and provide various sports and leisure activities. But that’s not all. We also work to reduce antisocial behaviour and drive investment and business growth in north Oxfordshire.

How Council Tax funds are divided

Your Council Tax bill is made up of several different amounts of money that go to different organisations:   

Less than 7 per cent of your Council Tax goes to deliver services provided by Cherwell District Council. For a property in band D this is £153.50 per annum.

Where our money comes from

Our budget for 2024-2025 is £27m.

Thirty-four per cent of our funding for services comes directly from Council Tax, with the rest coming from government grants and business rates. 

  • Business rates - £16.0m
  • Council Tax - £9.3m
  • New Homes Bonus - £1.4m
  • Revenue Support Grant - £0.3m

How we spend this budget - our strategic priorities

Housing that meets your needs

  • Support the delivery of affordable and green housing.
  • Ensure minimum standards in rented housing.
  • Work with partners supporting new ways to prevent homelessness.
  • Support our most vulnerable residents.
  • Deliver the Local Plan.

Supporting environmental sustainability

  • Work towards our commitment to be carbon neutral by 2030.
  • Promote the green economy.
  • Support waste reduction, reuse and recycling.
  • Work with partners to improve air quality.

An enterprising economy with strong and vibrant local centres

  • Support business retention and growth
  • Work with partners to support skills development and innovation.
  • Work with others to support growth.
  • Work with partners to promote the district as a visitor destination and attract investment in our town centres.
  • Work with businesses to ensure compliance and promote best practice.

Healthy, resilient and engaged communities

  • Support and encourage active lifestyles and health and wellbeing.
  • Support development of leisure services and facilities meeting the needs of residents.
  • Support community and cultural development.
  • Work towards our commitment to equalities, diversity and inclusion.
  • Work with partners to address the causes of health inequality and deprivation.
  • Work with partners to reduce crime and antisocial behaviour.

Council Tax explanatory notes and charges by band for 2024-2025

The Council Tax explanatory notes form part of your Council Tax Demand Notice.  Your Council Tax demand or exemption notice shows which band has been allocated to your property.  

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