Certificate for Excellent Recycling

Certificate for Excellent Recycling award

What is the Certificate for Excellent Recycling?

This certificate is a programme that our Business Waste Services team has created so both current and new customers can be recognised for the amount of waste they recycle with us.

It's a fantastic opportunity for businesses who recycle well to be rewarded with a certificate which can be displayed within their own establishment and also used in their own marketing and publications.

Who can apply?

Only customers who have waste collected by our Business Waste Services can apply for the certificate. New customers signing up can also apply - get a quote.

It is only the waste that is collected by us in Cherwell that will then determine whether you qualify to receive a Certificate.

How we make a decision?

The Business Waste Services team will first review each application.  If approved, the customer will be notified and the certificate will be awarded to them. 

The main criteria that will be considered is that 50 per cent or higher of the total waste collected by us needs to be recyclable waste.  The capacity is measured by bin size in litres. 

Recyclable waste is as follows:

  • Dry Mixed Recycling (DMR),

  • Mixed Glass, Food Waste and Garden Waste.

Example - customer has:

  • 1100 litres General Waste
  • 660 litres DMR
  • 360 Mixed Glass
  • 2 x 140 (280) Food Waste

Total waste collected is 2400 litres; of this, 1300 litres is recyclable waste. This works out as 54 per cent recyclable waste.  The Customer is therefore eligible to be awarded a Certificate.

How to apply

If you feel you fit the criteria, please complete our certificate for excellent recycling application form.

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