People who do not have to pay Council Tax

Am I exempt from paying Council Tax?

A discount may also be applied if more than one adult lives in the property but all or some of the adults are not counted (known as ‘disregarded’) for Council Tax purposes.

The following people and groups are not counted when we look at the number of adults living in a home:

  • people under 18 years
  • people over 18 years for whom child benefit is still being paid
  • people with cognitive impairment who receive certain disability and attendance allowances
  • certain school leavers under the age of 20 who have finished a full-time course between 1 May and 31 October
  • qualifying students
  • certain YTS trainees under the age of 25 years
  • student nurses
  • certain apprentices
  • long-term and permanent hospital patients
  • certain people living in residential care homes, nursing homes or mental health nursing homes and hostels
  • most people in prison
  • certain care workers