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Becoming self-employed and starting your own business

Oxfordshire represents one of the best locations in the UK to set-up a new business. If you're looking to launch your own business, Oxfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership’s Growth Hub can support you in a number of ways. They have resources and advice that can help you take your first steps into the world of business, including advice on business plans and support in choosing the right business structure.

Please contact them to make the most of their support: enquiries@​oxfordshirebusinesssupport.co.uk, tel. 01865 897181.

Community Catalysts: support to become self-employed in Cherwell.

A new project is seeking caring and compassionate people in Cherwell who want to work for themselves and offer care and support in a new way. This coaching and development programme is free to individuals and is run by the experienced social enterprise Community Catalysts.

People joining the programme can get help to set up and:

  1. Offer help and support to people in their homes. This could be cleaning, cooking, help to wash and dress, help with gardening or something else.  
  2. Offer support and fun activities in the community.  These might be group activities or one-to-one sessions. This might be art groups, fishing trips, gardening sessions, singing sessions or something else.
  3. Expand their current business to be more inclusive of older and disabled people:  for example - a yoga class, art class, music lessons or more.

No previous caring experience is required, just the ability to know what good care looks like, be community minded and look forward to the challenges and rewards of being self-employed.

Hear from Tanisha who has been supported by Community Catalysts

(75) Tanisha talks about the benefits of being self-employed offering care - YouTube

The programme can help people to:

  • Feel supported with their own personal development coach (we call them  Catalysts)
  • Make sure they are set up legally and ethically
  • Help with marketing
  • Feel connected with other people doing the same thing.

Find out more about people who have already set up offering help at home to others and sign up to hear more on the Community Catalysts website.

You can also contact your local Catalyst Anita, on  07341 425 126 or by email a.wingad@communitycatalysts.co.uk

The coaching and development programme is free to individuals as it is funded by Oxfordshire County Council and run by social enterprise Community Catalysts.