Starting a business

Oxfordshire Business Enterprise

Oxfordshire Business Enterprises (OBE) can provide you with an experienced business advisor to provide free advice on all aspects of starting and running your own business. You can get support when you’re planning your business, through the start-up phase and/or during the first few years of operation. OBE can help you look at:

  • Your initial ideas and check their viability
  • What type of company to set up (ie limited company, sole trader, etc.)
  • Preparation or review of your business plan
  • Pricing
  • Market research and marketing
  • Matters specific to your business
  • Establishing an action plan

A one-to-one meeting can be arranged for you at a local venue such as Banbury or Bicester.

OxLEP Business

OxLEP Business is here to help businesses navigate around a complicated landscape, finding the support needed to start-up and grow. We operate as the growth hub for Oxfordshire, simplifying the business support landscape and helping individuals and businesses to easily connect.

Through the OxLEP Business team, we can offer funding and grant opportunities for those looking to start a business, or grow one. Our inward investment service provides confidential and tailored assistance to help businesses from across the globe to locate and grow within Oxfordshire.

Our key industries not only allow Oxfordshire to maximise international and national opportunities, but - in many instances - ensure we are a lynchpin to the UK economy and its global competitiveness.

Supporting entrepreneurial businesses that demonstrate innovation is vitally important for Oxfordshire, as we maintain a dynamic, growing economy.

Business support that's priceless; start-up and growth workshops from OxLEP

If you are starting up or growing a business and looking for support, choose which OxLEP Business Workshops are right for you. OxLEP Business is there to help businesses navigate around a complicated landscape, finding the support needed to start-up and grow. Their programme of start-up and growth workshops has something to offer every business. To book your place, simply visit the events page of their website and select the workshop that's right for your business.

You can also get more advice on setting up a business from GOV.UK.