Emergency support

Out of hours emergency service

Call our out of hours emergency service on 01295 221531 in the event of a serious environmental health related incident such as:

  • Deaths in the workplace
  • Food poisoning outbreaks
  • Major pollution incidents including noise events.

An officer will be available to provide a first response to serious public health incidents. Where it is appropriate for the emergency standby officer to respond, we aim to attend within one hour of the call being received.

Illegal encampments

Legal information about encampments and what to do if you have problems with Gypsies or Travellers is offered by Oxfordshire County Council.

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You can also get more information from Thames Valley Police and the Home Office.


In the case of flooding, get health guidance and advice from Public Health England.

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Good practice: business continuity plans

A business continuity plan will ensure that the impact of an emergency on your business is minimised. Use Oxfordshire County Council’s self-assessment toolkit.

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Thames Valley Resilience Forum provides help for businesses to prepare and minimise the effect of a crisis on business continuity.