Stray dogs

Collecting a stray

Costs of collecting a stray

Stray dogs that have been picked up by the council and held in our kennels will incur the following costs:

  • Collection fee for dogs:  £200.00
  • Statutory Fee: £25.00
  • Admin Fee: £30.00
  • Kennelling charges (per day): £28.00 
  • Any vet fees incurred after the dog is collected as a stray     

Please note: Proof of ownership will be required before a dog can be released. Any lost dog that has been picked up by the council, the owner will not be able to reclaim their dog outside of the office hours specified below, or until the council fees incurred for collecting and kennelling their dog have been paid.

The kennels are open for collections on Monday to Friday between 9am and midday and 1pm and 4.30pm.  If the dog is not paid for and claimed by 4pm on a Friday, you will be charged for the weekend’s kennelling costs.

How to pay

Before a dog can be collected by the owner, payment must be made in full.   

Pay online