Business Plan

Performance management

Our framework

Our performance management framework sets out the key actions, projects and programmes of work that contribute to the delivery of the 2023 business plan and the priorities of the council. The supporting measures and key performance indicators are reported on a monthly basis to highlight progress, identify areas of good performance and actions that have been taken to address underperformance or delay.

Measuring our performance

To measure performance a ‘traffic light’ system is used.

  • Red: A red rating indicates performance is off target
  • Green: Where performance is on, or ahead of target 
  • Amber: Where performance is slightly behind the target 

The monthly performance cycle also includes the management and reporting of leadership risk and financial information. This provides an overview of the council’s progress against its strategic priorities and delivery themes as set out earlier in this business plan.

Our delivery themes


Deliver high quality, accessible and convenient services that are right first time

Healthy Places

Work collaboratively to create sustainable, thriving communities that support good lifestyle choices connecting us to each other and the natural environment.


Work with partners across all sectors to deliver and improve services for our residents and communities.

Continuous Improvement

Make the best use of our resources and focus on improvement, innovation and staff development to maintain and enhance services.

Climate Action

Support residents and local businesses to reduce their carbon emissions. Continue to transform our own estate to deliver our carbon neutral commitments.

Including Everyone

Our equalities, diversity and inclusion framework outlines how we plan to create an inclusive community and workplace in Cherwell, through fair and equitable services.