What is a listed building?

Listed buildings have special historical or architectural importance and are of national interest. Buildings can be listed because of age, rarity, architectural merit, and method of construction. The purpose of listing is to protect and preserve the best examples of the country’s heritage. Historic England is responsible for maintaining the register of Listed Buildings and Cherwell has over 2,300 entries, reflecting the rich heritage of the district. The owner of a listed building is responsible for ensuring buildings are kept in a good state of repair.

When a building is listed, it is listed in its entirety, which means that both the exterior and the interior are protected. In addition, historic buildings, walls and structures in land associated with the main building would also be considered as listed in most circumstances (see section on curtilage listing).

The Listed Building Register can be viewed on:

Please note that the boundaries shown are only indicative to show if a building is listed and the precise extent of listing may be different.