What is a conservation area?

Living in a conservation area

Additional planning controls exist within conservation areas which provide protection to boundary walls and larger trees and restrict Permitted Development rights. This is to ensure that any alterations do not detract from the appearance and historic significance of the area.

If you live in a conservation area, you have to obtain permission before making changes which would normally be permitted elsewhere. This includes:

Building works

  • Two storey and side extensions
  • Cladding on the exterior of a building
  • Dormer windows and other alterations to the roofs
  • Outbuildings in sensitive locations
  • Satellite dishes and other microwave antenna visible from the highway


  • Demolition of buildings and structures exceeding 115 cubic meters
  • Demolition of walls above 1 metre and adjacent to a highway
  • Demolition of walls above 2 metres elsewhere

Tree works

  • Any works to trees above 75mm diameter (measured at 1.5m high)

Apply for tree works

Applying for Planning permission

When determining applications for development within conservation areas, the Council has a duty to assess the proposal against the need to preserve or enhance the character or appearance of the area.

We recommend early discussion with a Conservation Officer through our pre-application service before submitting an application for work in a Conservation Area.