Cherwell Safer Communities Partnership (CSCP)

Crime in Cherwell is falling; we have had the lowest recorded rates of crime for more than a decade which means that we are living in a very safe district, where the chance of being a victim of crime is very small.

The Cherwell Safety Communities Partnership Plan for 2017-18 provides the platform for the Safer Communities team, and its partners, to deliver the priority pledges we have made to achieve the Cherwell vision of:

  • A safe, clean and green Cherwell, and
  • Working with partners to tackle Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE).

Cherwell Safer Communities Partnership (CSCP) is tasked with delivering priorities and targets. It is our vision to address these issues over the next two years, cutting crime, focusing on intervention, enforcement and reduction of re-offending.

Our current priorities are:

  • ASB
  • CSE
  • Domestic abuse
  • Youth provision
  • Burglary
  • Drugs

The CSCP currently comprises representatives from the six responsible authorities who meet on a quarterly basis to discuss the progress on the priorities set out in the Strategy. Each priority has an action plan which has actions and targets set at national, regional and local level.

CSCP reports to the Safer Oxfordshire Partnership.

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If you need more information, or wish to report suspected child sexual exploitation (CSE), please contact Oxfordshire Children Safeguarding Board directly.

Contact us on 01295 227007 or email