Cherwell Crime Partnership

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Cherwell District Council supports the work of the Cherwell Crime Partnership (CCP).

CCP seeks to support businesses to tackle business-related crime and make the towns of Banbury and Bicester safe and friendly places to work and visit.

Members of the CCP range from large retailers and licensed premises to small independent traders in both sectors who work together as a not-for-profit organisation. The CCP operates the Pubwatch and Shopwatch schemes.

With dedicated members and co-ordinators, the schemes over the last 20 years have sent positive messages that offending will ‘not be tolerated’.

The schemes are accredited, have received outstanding status reviews on many occasions, and have robust working partnerships with Thames Valley Police, Cherwell District Council, Banbury Town Council and Bicester Town Council – all with the same aims: to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour, to protect CCP members, and to care for the community.

Crime, anti-social behaviour, and criminal damage can create negative atmospheres which are harmful to businesses and profitability. They also impact on attracting people to visit the area.

The CCP assists members in reducing crime, anti-social behaviour and criminal damage – and provides training and an interface with its partners.

See the CCP website for more information on the schemes and how to join.