Planning advertisement control

Advertisements are an important part of the local scene and well-designed advertisements add brightness and bustle to commercial areas. However, cluttered, poorly designed, over large or brightly lit advertisements can have an adverse effect on the environment.

Standard regulations for all advertisements are that:

  • they are kept clean and tidy
  • kept in a safe condition
  • have the permission of the site owner, including the council, on highway land
  • do not block the view of road, rail, waterway or aircraft signs
  • must not be so permanent that they cannot be removed if required

Although many signs can be displayed without express consent, we have powers to control the most prominent outdoor advertisements under the Town and Country Planning (Control of Advertisements) (England) Regulations 2007.

Control powers are only exercised in the interests of amenity and, where applicable, public safety. It is these considerations, rather than commercial need or advantage, which determine the success of any advertisement application.

For pre-application advice relating to advertisements, please write to us (need address/email contact) with as much detail as possible regarding the sign.