What happens to your planning comments

You can support, object or comment on a planning application or proposal.

  • we will record your comments and consider them and, if the application goes to the planning committee, we will pass them on
  • where appropriate, we will seek changes to the planning application to overcome concerns; if changes are made to the application we may consult you again

Planning enforcement

Planning enforcement is a discretionary power and it might not always be in the wider public interest for action to be taken on a breach of planning control where it does not cause serious harm to public amenity.

Formal action will only be taken when it can be demonstrated that the breach causes serious harm to public amenity and it is expedient, and in the public interest, to do so. What action is taken will be dependent on the seriousness of the harm.


A report is prepared to inform the decision-making process, whether for committee decisions or an officer delegated decision, and summarises all the representations made, and assesses the issues raised in the context of relevant planning policies.