Discharging of planning conditions

Confirmation of compliance with planning conditions

Where written confirmation is required that one or more conditions imposed on the same permission have been complied with, please apply in writing and provide the following details:

  • the planning application number
  • a plan showing the application site
  • details of the conditions the application relates to
  • a contact address for the applicant

The application fees are £34 for householder developments and £116 for all other developments. The application fee is per request and there is no limit to the number of conditions that can be included within each submission.

This process takes up to eight weeks from the date the office receives a request providing all the required information and fee.

Any confirmation given would be without prejudice to any ongoing requirements of any condition (eg to maintain soft landscaping for a period of 5 years following completion of the planting scheme).

If you require confirmation that the proposal has been ;built in accordance with the plans/within time and is lawful then you will need to apply for a Lawful Development Certificate for existing use. This application attracts the same fee as a planning application depending on the proposal.