Elections 2022

One third of District Council seats and 31 parish councils are due for re-election this year. A by-election will also be taking place for Heyford Park Parish Council. 

Following the resignation of District Councillor Tim Hallchurch, there is a vacancy in the Launton and Otmoor District Ward. The vacancy notice was published on 16 March 2022 and requests to call an election were received. 

Details of candidates for each District Ward and Parish Council are now available.

Polling day will be on Thursday 5 May, with counting taking place on Friday 6 May.

Key dates are:

  • Monday 28 March: Notice of Election 
  • 10am–4pm, Tuesday 29 March to Tuesday 5 April (weekdays only): Submission of nominations
  • By 4pm, Wednesday 6 April: Publication Statement of Persons Nominated
  • 11:59pm Thursday 14 April: Registration deadline
  • 5pm, Tuesday 19 April: Postal / Postal Proxy deadline
  • 5pm, Tuesday 26 April: Proxy deadline
  • After 5pm Tuesday 26 April – 5pm, Thursday 5 May: Emergency proxy applications accepted
  • 7am to 10pm Thursday 5 May: Polling Day
  • Friday 6 May: Verification and count of all ballot papers

Further information for candidates is available on the Electoral Commission website - District elections and Parish elections.