Small electricals and batteries


Recycle your batteries at kerbside

To recycle your unwanted household batteries please: 

  • Put the household batteries inside a sandwich-size, clear bag.

  • Place the bag on top of either your blue recycling or green general bin by 7am on your collection day.

Batteries are hazardous waste and should never be placed inside your bins.

What size batteries are accepted for collection

  • 6v

  • D

  • C

  • AA

  • AAA

  • 9v

  • button

  • mobile phones batteries

What size batteries are not accepted for collection

  • children’s ride-on toy batteries
  • sealed lead acid/gel batteries
  • car batteries
  • motorbike batteries
  • industrial batteries
  • lithium batteries

These items should not be placed in either your recycling or general waste bins. They should be disposed of safely at a Household Waste Recycling Centre.

What happens to the batteries once they are collected?

The exact process for battery recycling depends on the type of battery because of the different materials they contain. In general, the following applies: 

  • Batteries are sorted into their different types by specialist sorting facilities.
  • The materials and chemicals are extracted using ‘pyrolysis’ (heating at very high temperatures).
  • Once recovered the materials can then be reused in other things, like electronics, more batteries, or powering our green economy.