Podback scheme

Recycle your coffee pods with Podback

Podback is a nationwide, not-for-profit, coffee pod recycling service. Created in partnership with the biggest names in coffee pod systems, Nespresso, NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto and Tassimo, to give people who enjoy the quality and taste of coffee pods simple and easy ways to recycle them.

We are working with Podback to provide this new free recycling service, helping you to recycle your pods (coffee, tea and hot chocolate) at home.

1 million coffee pods have been recycled in Cherwell

How to get started

It’s easy to start recycling your pods, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Sign up and order your FREE recycling bags from Podback Follow the online instructions to create your personal Podback account.
  2. Podback will send you two rolls of recycling bags, along with an instruction leaflet.  Each roll contains 13 bags for recycling your aluminium or plastic coffee pods.  Bags are sent by Royal Mail and should arrive within 7 to 10 working days.
  3. Once you have your bags, fill them as instructed.
  4. Put the bag(s) out on top of your refuse or recycling bin by 7am on your normal collection day. 
  5. When you need to top up your supply of recycling bags you can log into your Podback account on the Podback website and reorder.

Sign up to Podback

What types of coffee pods can be recycled?

Plastic and aluminium pods for coffee, tea, hot chocolate and milk should be recycled using Podback collection bags. When you sign up on the Podback website you’ll be asked what brand of pods you use. This is so you get the correct bag – white bags for aluminium pods, green bags for plastic pods. The two materials need to be collected separately as they are sent to different recycling facilities.

Can residents that live in a flat still participate in the scheme?

Yes. If you live in a flat you can use the Podback Drop Off service, which allows you to drop off filled bags through the Yodel network. To order your free recycling bag visit the ways to recycle section of the Podback website.

What happens to the pods once collected?

The coffee pods you recycle with Podback are taken to specialist aluminium and plastics reprocessing plants in the UK. The coffee grounds are removed, and the plastic and aluminium are then transformed into new products, including beverage cans, car components or plastic garden furniture and building products. The coffee grounds are used to create soil improver and renewable energy (biogas).  Find out more by watching our video