Home and garden excess bin service

You can hire a supersize bin as a one-off to help with clearing rubbish from your home or garden. It costs £50 and we will deliver the bin to you and pick it up full two weeks later. This is really useful if you have too much to take to the recycling centre but not quite enough to hire a skip.

The bins cannot be mixed, so you must choose either a home bin or a garden bin. You can also borrow an extra blue bin for any recycling that you have.

Home excess bins

These are ideal if you are clearing out your loft, spare room or shed. They shouldn’t be used for asbestos, plasterboard, engine oil, chemicals, paint, tyres, electrical items or mattresses.

Garden excess bins

These are perfect for garden waste such as grass, branches, weeds and plants. They shouldn’t be used for soil, bricks, rubble, plant pots or plastics.

Bin size

Height 130cm (4ft 3)
Width 120cm (3ft 11)
Depth 110cm (3ft 7)

Please phone 01295 221916 to book now.