Licences and permits - Business and Planning Act 2020 - Tables and chairs

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The Business and Planning Act 2020 includes temporary measures to support businesses selling food and drink through economic recovery as lockdown restrictions are lifted but social distancing guidelines remain in place.

While cafes, pubs and restaurants are permitted to open, current social distancing guidelines will have considerable impact on the capacity to accommodate customers. The measures in the Act are designed to support businesses selling food and drink such as cafes, pubs and restaurants by introducing a temporary fast-track process for these businesses to obtain permission, in the form of a “pavement licence”, from the local council for the placement of furniture such as tables and chairs on the pavement within the vicinity of their premises.

The types of business which may apply to the local authority for a “pavement licence” are those whose premises are used, or proposed to be used, as a public house, wine bar or other drinking establishment, or other use for the sale of food or drink for consumption on or off the premises.

A pavement licence permits furniture to be temporarily placed on the highway. “Furniture” includes serving food or drink, tables and chairs and articles such as umbrellas, barriers and heaters.

All licence applications are open to public consultation, and will be published on have your say page.


Licences granted under this act will be in force until no later than 30 September 2021, and have conditions which differ from Cherwell District Councils current Tables and Chairs permit and applications.

Where a licence is deemed to have been granted, it is also deemed to include any conditions published by the Secretary of State, and the local authority.

To view the conditions of this licence please ensure you read the guidance document, and application form which lists all local conditions of licence.

There is a seven day public consultation period from the date of application (excluding Bank holidays and weekends), and anyone wishing to make representation regarding an application must do so in writing.

All representations must be received by the Licensing department before the close of the consultation period.


£15.80 per chair up to a maximum of £100

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To apply telephone:
01295 753744. The licensing team is available to the public on the telephone between 9:00am and 4:00pm. To make an appointment with an officer please contact us.
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