Appeal to catch offenders who tipped hundreds of tyres

Anyone who witnessed a vehicle acting suspiciously near the villages west of Banbury on Friday and into the weekend is being asked to help catch the perpetrators of several serious fly-tips.

Published: Wednesday, 13th April 2022

Cherwell District Council’s environmental enforcement officers are investigating the illegal dumping of over 300 used car tyres at rural locations near Balscote, Horley and Shutford.

Richard Webb, Assistant Director for Regulatory Services and Community Safety, said: “The first reports of these fly-tips reached us on Friday night and we believe that the perpetrators would have been driving a large vehicle and very visible to anyone who was out for a walk or a drive. The offending could have continued into the weekend.

“The perpetrators chose to dispose of the tyres at several locations, possibly to avoid hanging around in one place for too long. Because of the scale of the offence, the culprits were likely from a business who thought it was a clever move to dump the tyres illegally instead of paying to dispose of them responsibility.

“We intend to track the offenders down and hold them accountable. It is possible that someone driving in the area who was running a dashcam could have caught the vehicle on camera, so we would ask them to review any footage and get in touch with us.”

The fly-tips comprised: approximately 100 tyres left on on the Shutford to Alkerton Road; 100 tyres on an unnamed road between the Warwick Road and the scout camp near Horley; 30 tyres on the Shutford Road between Balscote and Shutford; and another 100 tyres in a layby on the Shutford Road between Shutford and North Newington.

Illegal waste disposal in a public place is an offence punishable by a fine of up to £50,000 or 12 months’ imprisonment if convicted in a magistrates' court. The offence can attract an unlimited fine and up to five years' imprisonment for perpetrators convicted in a crown court.

Officers also have powers to issue offenders with fixed penalty notices.

Anyone with information about these or another a fly-tip in the district should contact the council on 01295 227007.

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