Key parish boundaries could be redrawn

Lines which mark where one parish ends and another begins could soon be updated to reflect development across the district.

Published: Tuesday, 19th October 2021

Aerial view of Bicester

On Monday 18 October a meeting of Cherwell District Council approved terms of reference for a district-wide community governance review. It is an opportunity for the council to change the boundaries between parishes and adjust the numbers of parish councillors – if residents agree.

Councillor Kieron Mallon, Chairman of the Parliamentary Boundary and Community Governance Review Working Group, said: “A lot of new housing has gone up since 2013, which was the last time there was a district-wide review of parish council boundaries.

“Making sure local people are happy with which parish they sit in is an opportunity to avoid potential voter confusion and to confirm local identities.

“The Parliamentary Boundary and Community Governance Review Working Group will be closely considering residents’ responses to the consultation before making any recommendations on possible changes to parish councils.”

Areas have been put forward for review at the request of parish councils and local councillors. The review is limited to the areas and issues identified in the terms of reference document approved by councillors.

Development of new housing which crosses boundaries is one reason why parishes have been suggested for the review.

The proposed Wretchwick Green development, for instance, would cross Ambrosden and Blackthorn parishes, but borders on Langford Village, which falls under Bicester Town Council. In the north of the district, one recently permitted planning application spans Banbury, Bodicote and Adderbury parishes.

The review will take around a year to complete. As it progresses, local people will be invited to participate in two public consultations. The first one will begin on Monday 22 November and run for 10 weeks.

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