Cherwell District Council election results – May 2021

There’s very little change as a result of the Cherwell District Council election held on Thursday, 6 May. The count took place at the Spiceball Leisure Centre on Sunday 9 May.

Published: Monday, 10th May 2021

A total of 16 of the overall 48 Cherwell seats were up for election. The council always conducts its election for a third of the overall seats, rotating through a new third of seats each year for three years running. On the fourth year, there is usually a county council election when the district election takes a break. This year, the two elections were at the same time, as last year’s district election was postponed due to the pandemic.

The Liberal Democrats picked up one previously vacant seat (Kidlington West). However, the Conservatives maintain control of the council with 31 seats – which is the number they held prior to the election.

You can find the individual ward results on our election results webpage. With three councillors representing each ward, the full list of 48 councillors can be found on the ‘your councillors’ webpage.