Bicester health routes offer helpful reminder to keep users safe

New signs have been installed along Bicester’s blue line health routes, reminding users to socially distance whilst out on their daily exercise.

Published: Tuesday, 9th June 2020

With the number of residents walking and running along Healthy Bicester’s 5k trails increasing during COVID-19, Cherwell District Council has added the helpful guidance to ensure the safety of users. The signs, located at each of the kilometre markers along the health routes, read “Protect yourself and others. Practice social distancing by keeping 2 metres apart”.

Cllr Andrew McHugh, Cherwell’s lead member for health and wellbeing said: “With leisure centres and gyms still closed, the number of residents using Bicester’s health routes has surged. Whilst most people are doing their best to keep two metres apart, the new signs will serve as a constant reminder, helping residents to feel even more safe whist using the trails.”

During COVID-19, new man-made pathways or ‘desire lines’ have been formed at various points on the route by users stepping off the pavement and onto the grass, to make sure they are keeping their distance from others. Community groups have also used the circuits to entertain youngsters with treasure hunts, whilst several decorative fairy doors have popped up on the Langford route.

Cllr McHugh continued: “It’s pleasing to see so many people taking advantage of the blue lines for their daily outdoor exercise. Having these new social distancing notices on the health routes will serve as a helpful way for families to discuss the ‘new normal’ with their children whilst reminding them to stay safe when using the 5k circuits.”