Show your love for recycling this Valentine’s Day!

If you’re lucky enough to receive flowers, boxes of chocolates or cards from an admirer, we’d ask you to think about their environmental impact.

Published: Tuesday, 11th February 2020

Once past their best, flowers can be placed in the brown garden and food waste bins and they will be taken away and turned into compost which is used by local farms.
Leftovers and peelings from home-cooked romantic meals for two should all be disposed of in the brown bins.
Old Valentine cards (without glitter or other adornments such as ribbons), cardboard from chocolate boxes, and plastic packaging can also all be recycled by using the blue bins. Please make sure any polystyrene or bubble wrap packaging is removed and placed in the green bin.
The cardboard from chocolate boxes can be recycled in the blue bin, as can any rigid plastic trays. Thin plastic film, on the other hand, can't be recycled and should go in the green bin.
District households have alternate weekly collections of mixed recycling (blue bin), garden and food waste (brown bin) and rubbish (green bin). For those who live in flats, Cherwell provides shared bins for rubbish and recycling.
For more information on the Cherwell waste and recycling system visit this page or call 01295 227003.
And for further help with what goes in which bin, you can also try out Oxfordshire County Council's Waste Wizard