Blitz is just the trick for Hardwick

Hardwick will be looking cleaner and greener from today as a council cleanliness campaign sweeps though the Banbury estate.

Published: Monday, 20th January 2020

From Monday 20 January, Cherwell District Council’s street scene team will be out in force tackling litter, graffiti and fly-tips for the first neighbourhood blitz of the new decade. 
Eligible households will be able to have three items of bulky waste removed for £6, a two-thirds markdown on the usual price. Householders on the Hardwick estate will also be able to buy extra blue and brown recycling bins for the reduced price of £10. They can take advantage of these offers if they book during the week of the blitz campaign.
Cllr Dan Sames, Cherwell’s lead member for clean and green, said: “Post-Christmas many households look to get rid of unwanted items. However, items need to be disposed of responsibly either through free cycling them or taking advantage of Cherwell’s bulky waste collection scheme. As part of the first Blitz of the year this will be available to Hardwick residents at a discounted rate.
“During their last blitz, our street cleansing team removed over 10 tonnes of waste and collected everything from trampolines to exercise bikes as part of the bulky waste offer.
“In Hardwick it is definitely a case of ‘New Year, new broom’ as we get the area looking its best. Hopefully, residents will notice the difference to the area after the Blitz has been completed.”
The blitz area covers Ribston Close to the north, Sinclair Avenue to the south and the length of Highlands. 
Residents can find out more about blitzes, and book bulky waste collections via this link.