Clean and green Grimsbury

Grimsbury will soon be looking its best as a council cleanliness campaign prepares to sweep through the area.

Published: Tuesday, 15th October 2019

Cherwell District Council’s street cleansing team will launch their latest neighbourhood blitz on Monday 21 October, and will spend all week removing litter, graffiti and fly-tips in the busy part of Banbury.

During the campaign, 3,600 households will be eligible to book bulky waste collections for £6, a 66 per cent markdown. Recycling officers will then be at the Grimsbury Fun Day in Moorfield Park on Tuesday 29 October to follow up the blitz with green-themed freebies and to answer questions about local recycling schemes.

Cllr Dan Sames, Cherwell’s lead member for clean and green, said: “Most residents of Grimsbury do a great job of disposing of their waste. However, the area can also be subject to littering and fly-tipping that detract from public spaces.

“Our blitz will be getting the neighbourhood looking spick and span, but to keep it looking that way relies on the support of all residents. To help do this we will be dropping off recycling packs at lots of households and stickering people’s bins, to spread the message in Grimsbury of how to get the best out of our waste and recycling services.

“In our last blitz we collected over ten tonnes of waste, and with the street sweepers out in force once again, we think local people will notice a real difference.”

The blitz area covers Grimsbury Green and Manor Road to the north, School View and Westminster Way to the south, Bridge Street to the west and Waltham Gardens and Delapre Drive to the east.

The Grimsbury Fun Day will run from 11am to 2pm in Moorfield park on Tuesday 29 October.