Voter registration team will go door to door

Friendly canvassers will soon be rounding off the council’s annual electoral registration campaign.

Published: Wednesday, 9th October 2019

Cherwell’s 67,500 households were each sent a Household Enquiry Form (HEF) in early July to check who is registered to vote at each property. Residents are asked to confirm that the details on the form are correct and make any necessary amendments. Around 75 per cent have so far responded.

Yvonne Rees, Cherwell District Council’s electoral registration officer, said: “If you have not yet responded to the Household Enquiry Form or reminder, you will receive a visit from one of our canvassers.

“It is important you are on the electoral register so you can have your say in any upcoming elections. The process only takes five minutes - so go on make the time!”

The canvassers will be going out from Monday 14 October. Using tablets, they will be able to access the registration database in real time and confirm people’s details on the doorstep. Residents can still complete and return their Household Enquiry Forms. This can be done online, in hard copy or via telephone or text message using the code on the form.

If any resident is not already registered to vote, they will be able to register via an Invitation to Register application form or at

Anyone whose circumstances change must make sure their electoral registration information is up to date. That could include moving home, turning 18 and needing to register for the first time, or a change of name following marriage or divorce.

Every household is legally required to respond to the Household Enquiry Form, even if there are no changes to the details of the voters at the address. The door knocking campaign will run until 25 November.