Glory Farm blitz to mark Recycling Week

People living in the Glory Farm area of Bicester will see their neighbourhood benefit from a deep clean next week.

Published: Wednesday, 18th September 2019

Next week is national Recycling Week, and Cherwell District Council will mark it with a series of information events in Kidlington, Banbury and Bicester, complementing the neighbourhood blitz in Glory Farm.

As part of the campaign, Glory Farm residents will be eligible for cut-price bulky waste collections. Recycling officers will be tackling common waste and recycling queries at their events and offering freebies including reusable drinks bottles, pencils made from recycled materials, and food waste caddy liners.

Cllr Dan Sames, Cherwell’s lead member for clean and green, said: “The latest research from Recycle Now reveals that over 60 per cent of households in the UK are recycling more than they were a year ago because of environmental concerns. Recycling not only stops unnecessary waste but it prevents hundreds of tonnes of carbon emissions and saves taxpayers’ money.

“During Recycling Week our teams will be out and about all over the district encouraging residents to make the most of our waste and recycling services and maximise the positive impact for the environment. The more residents can contribute to improving recycling rates the better it is for all of us.

“Following on from our successful blitz on Southwold we hope that Glory Farm too, can benefit from our litter busters, graffiti scrubbers and fly-tipping clearers next week. Our neighbourhood blitz campaigns look to raise community pride in our local areas and include some great special offers to encourage everyone to do their bit.”

Glory Farm residents can also get bulky waste collections for £6 instead of the usual £18 when they order during the week commencing 23 September.

The recycling roadshow events will run as follows: Tuesday 24 September, Kidlington Centre; Thursday 26 September, Banbury Market; Friday 27 September, Bicester Market. All three events run from 9:00am to 1:00pm.

For more information see blitzes.